World’s first LTE-Advanced network launched in Korea ushers in 100Mbps downloads

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Yesterday in Seoul Korea, SK Telecom’s company representatives took unveiled to the press the world’s first consumer LTE-Advanced network, and it is unbelievably fast. The new standard is the successor to current generation LTE technology, supporting much higher data transmission speeds . They demonstrated download speeds of up to 102Mbps. Just to put that in perspective here it is at least 2 times faster than any mobile network in Uganda.

LTE _Advanced can support up to a theoretical maximum of 150Mbps down and 37.5Mbps up. In Uganda, we have had only MTN and Smile Telecom that have have launched their LTE networks commercially. So far not any phones that take advantage of the new speeds attained by LTE Advanced.

As usual Samsung and SK Telecom will launch the Galaxy S4 LTE Advanced, which is available in both red and blue, with more colors on the way in addition to 6 more other devices.

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