WordPress users can now publish content directly to Facebook using Instant articles

wordpress instant articles

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[/blockquote]Instant articles are news stories hosted by Facebook from its partner publishers that load faster than conventional self hosted stories. Facebook asserts that they load ten times faster than standard Web stories and are optimized for both web and mobile.They normally carry a lighting logo on the upper extreme right as a differentiation from normal news feed stories.

Automattic, WordPress’s parent company has announced via their WordPress VIP blog an initiative of allowing WordPress users publish directly to Facebook using the new Instant Article plugin.The new plugin outputs compliant feed posts in Facebook markup, which solves the publisher the need to write Instant Articles code. However it’s not all gold and roses for everyone given that the instant articles plugin is currently available for WordPress VIP not WordPress.com users but with a universal rollout in the pipeline and April the 12 is the nearest they could announce.Automattic adds that Publishers will have to undergo a review process to ensure that their posts are well formated, compliant and suited for instant Articles before they get published to Facebook.

Our own interaction with instant articles shows that’s it’s indeed true they load faster than that standard web articles. They however refrain you from leaving Facebook as they are hosted from the news feed. This increases one’s time spent on Facebook which is Facebook’s main goal given it attracts advertisers. Publishers like NYT, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Business Insider and a few others have already had their fine share of instant articles and adding WordPress brings a myriad of other publishers given its powers over 20% of the web.

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Publishers using WordPress’s CMS (content management system)  are set to benefit the most from this new announcement given Facebook has now become the global public square where we meet to interact, share stories, photos and life changing moments. So having the potential of reaching out to such a global audience is every publishers goal.