Colored comments coming to Fabebook

If rumors are to be believed, it appears Facebook is contemplating extending its obnoxious color-background text-only posts to comments – so you might want to start getting mentally prepared for a visual cacophony in the comments section. Currently, only a select few users can see the test, and it appears to only work on mobile. Colorful status updates first came to Facebook’s Android app last December, and will soon be rolled out on WhatsApp.

Colored comments
Sample of the colored comments being tested by Facebook

Much like with colored posts, the feature lets you post comments on colorful backgrounds and gradients; sort of like Myspace did around the early 2000s. Assuming the feature works the same way it used to last time around, colored comments should be visible to anybody using Facebook – even users outside of the control group.

You can likely foresee the many ways that colored comments could go wrong. Just imagine people going on a vicious bender and posting comments in garish orange and green on a status they hate. Maybe it would be a cheerful way to start the holiday season, with red-and-green Christmas-themed comments, but it seems more likely to become the perfect way to hijack a comment section — if Facebook ever turns it into a full-fledged feature.