With the Apple event tonight, what can we expect?

Well, we all know it’s that time of the year to drool over a new iPhone, but this time round Apple might grace us with not only with  one but two or more devices.


All this follows a formal public release of IOS 7 a major mobile operating system update to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch device family was introduced in June this year at Apple’s yearly developers conference WWDC. The devices Apple is expected to unveil are both the iPhone 5S – an incremental update to the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 5C – the plastic-backed so-called “budget” device rumored to come in a variety of colors. So we are all set by 10 am PST/ 8PM local time here for the newest announcements

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iPhone 5s

This is the star of the show; for some of us, we are not so excited about this and the main reason is that the iPhone 5s is expected to have the same hardware as the iPhone 5. This device has been tipped to be appearing in three colors: white (similar to the iPhone 5), gray (lighter than the iPhone 5′s black), and Gold (a lighter tone closer to “champagne”). This device has also been rumored to be launching with fingerprint scanning technology under its home button and an improved camera setup at its back.

Camera upgrades are expected to be minor, if much happens at all. The main update expected is a dual-LED flash, featuring different light colors to help improve color balance in photos. Some rumors have also pegged to a new sensor with a higher megapixel count — around 12 or 13 — and others have suggested that the camera’s lens could receive a wider aperture, opening up to F/2.0.Camera upgrades are expected to be minor, if much happens at all.


iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5C has been shown in several colors, with the fronts always appearing in white and the backs appearing in white, blue, yellow, green, and red. From our feature about the iPhone 5c strategy, we expect this to be the iPhone for the emerging markets a factor that will totally depend on its pricing.

With the same display, same camera technology, and same set of processors and RAM, the iPhone 5C will likely replace the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.


iPad mini and iPod refresh

We also expect a  Retina display ready  iPad mini and the full-sized iPad is believed to be trimming down into a body that looks just likethat of the iPad mini. A leaked picture of Sonny Dickson, shows the cases for both upcoming devices (as seen).

The iPod touch should see an upgrade to IOS 7, the nano and shuffle may well be left as they are, we suspect.

It should be noted that the iPod classic sat around unaltered for years now, and it could be laid to rest this year.

The Mac Pro

We were surprised at WWDC in June when Apple pre-announced its redesigned Mac Pro hardware, plans ahead of release. The new machine is surprisingly tiny and comes in a sleek black finish, and it’s supposed to ship this fall.  Fall doesn’t start for another few weeks, though, so while the Mac Pro should be released in the next few months, an announcement isn’t expected for tonight though.


After Samsung as beat apple to the smart-watch game, we expect apple to retaliate if not tonight the some other time. This is a far fetched rumor, but the release of an Apple smartwatch of 2013 may not be possible, though recent reports suggest that the date has shifted into 2014.