How I wish we say goodbye to 16GB smartphones

Lenovo K3 Note UI

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[/blockquote]I have had a fine share of storage debacles going retrospect to as early as I can remember. Storage has never seemed enough, whether on the PC, camera or any kind of gizmo but for today’s talk, let’s focus on something we can universally relate to, a smartphone that is. I’m no regular smartphone user, not that you should care but if forms a basis onto which I say, 16GB of storage is never enough and will never be.

Of the supposed 16GB, the Operating System usually chews one third of the total storage, add that to the unforgiving bloatware, then our usual staples of Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter(these balloon in size after every update) plus a myriad of other apps that see us through the day.

The biggest culprit here being Whatsapp. Characterized with random pics, videos and chats from the many friends, groups and strangers. Not forgetting Snapshot (Video is big) and games that bulge in size to get the best out of them. Take for example a game like Real Racing 3 or Asphalt, each will ask of you 800MB of local storage just to download. Before you know it, it’ll have amassed over a gigabyte for every recurring game play and updates that go with them. Do you still need the 16GB storage or is it still sufficient to put up with these demands? To me, I thirst for more.

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I  forgot to mention my profound love for photography. But now that you know, it will always double down to the best camera at the end of the day to get the best of shots and keen interest.  Usually these sensors come with larger pixels. Our normal 8MP shooters will output photos in highs of 3MB, so incase you shoot an upwards of 1000 photos and doing the maths, we’re now talking of 3GB of storage.

If I’m to remember I hold no 8MP smartphone camera, the last that came with it was the iPhone 5C (It had the same storage woes) way back  in 2013 since now I boost of a 12MP camera. This I use to take random shots, capture video, those selfies at food courts, in taxis, at parties and before I know it, I can no longer install updates, my phone starts running slow. These are memories in life you ought to keep. Ones you relate to, ones that will always keep a smile every time you gaze at them but the best answer my smartphone can afford me is; I’m running low on storage. This leaves me no choice, but. narrate how insane it is to keep 16GB smartphones around.

16GB is never enough for me

I even feel sorry for some of my fellows who outmax me with 4K shooters. Here we’re talking of 300MB, a size just enough to house as many files as possible. Astonishing smartphones in the mid range tier commanding an asking price of well above UGX 500,000, usually come equipped with 16GB of storage. Besides the many compromises, they come equipped with nice cameras, features and hype but storage ?! 16GB is never enough for me, not for you or anybody else. The SD card expansion doesn’t usually do the magic. Because?  You incur extra costs but if you have the money, the better.

And if you could excuse me and not talk about cloud storage. This on its own right has issues to contend with like a requirement for a stable internet connection for access. This burns a lot of data in the due process and not everyone can afford! I however must confess that it comes in handy provided Internet is never an issue to you plus the extra dollars that go with extra  storage.

To a big corporation like Apple, 16GB iPhones are looked at as means of increasing their profit margins, given users have no option but to upgrade to the pricier 64GB or 128GB storage configurations. If you can’t afford any of the two, we’ll, that’s how iCloud comes in and to sum it all, Apple continues to rake in more billions for whatever option you choose.  It makes sense as to why Apple keeps the 16GB options around.

Others have just abandoned the whole

16GB option altogether and fronted the 32GB option as their starting option. The only problem is it being limited to high-end  flagships. No one is talking about midrange or low-end options which I believe are bringing the next billion onto the smartphone bandwagon. This demography forms the next big clientele, so the urgent need to address it.