Winners of the Pivot East 2014 Start up Picthing Competition (Full List)

Pivot east 2014
Pivot east 2014
Finalists Finance Category

Today marks the Final day of Pivot East 2014 start-up pitching competition that saw over 25 tech start-up companies vie for the top spot. Among the runner ups Uganda was represented by Beyonic Technologies, with Kenya stealing the show in  most of the categories. The overall winner of the Founder Award and runner-up for the Mobile Enterprise Category was OnlineHisab which is an Ethiopian start-up dealing in accounting.

Below is a full list of winners and nominees in the different categories

Mobile Utilities category

Winner:  SendyMobile from Kenya

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Runner Up:  Maramoja Transport from Kenya

Other Finalists:

Gari Sms from Kenya, Mavazi from Kenya and Mafundi from Keny


Mobile Finance category

Winner : Chamasoft from Kenya

Runner Up: Beyonic from Uganda

Other Finalists:

Valuraha from Kenya, Ensibuuko from Uganda and Chura from Kenya


Mobile Society category

Winner: SokoText from Kenya

Runner Up: Totohealth from Kenya

Other Finalists:

SokoNect from Kenya, Zapmedic from Uganda and Moquestions from Uganda.

Mobile Enterprise category

Winner: ASim Mobile from Kenya

Runner Up: Online Hisab from Ethiopia

Other Finalists:

Thinvoid from Uganda, Buymore from Kenya and Offers Africa from Kenya”]



*The final three in each category are not in any particular order