These are the Winners of the MTN App Challenge 2017

App challenge 2017_Winners

Today, MTN has wrapped up its second App challenge. In a 3-days app development challenge, with over 22 app entries, developers were tasked to come up with innovative prototypes of mobile-based solutions under the themes of M-Health, M-Finance, M-Education, M-Business, M-Entertainment and M-Agriculture. Below is a list of all winners per category and overall winners. Each winning group gets to walk away with $1,000 prize money and 5 of the participants will get to be employed by MTN.

Overall Winners – Team HAS

M-Health Category

  1. Team Blood Finder
  2. Team Equick Uganda
  3. Team FourLoop
  4. Team MobiCare
  5. Team Nightingale (Winner)
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M-Media & Entertainment Category

  1. Team TrustFinity
  2. Team Nandozi
  3. Team MunoWatch (Winners)

M-Education Category

  1. Team SomaAfrica (Winners)
  2. Team Somesa
  3. Team Student’s Hub

M-Finance Category

  1. Team JustGo (Winners)
  2. Team Malako
  3. Team Akorion
  4. Team Thunder
  5. Team Vugaco


M-Agriculture Category

  1. Team Igridev
  2. Team HAS (Winners)
  3. Team FarmManager
  4. Team D-Agric

Audience’s Favorite Category

Winners – Team Nandozi