Windows Phone 8.1 to come with Notification center and Personal Assistant


News coming in from The Verge indicates that Microsoft is working on its next iteration of Windows Phone dubbed 8.1  with two major updates: a notification center and a Siri-like personal assistant. Microsoft is apparently prepared to give us more details about  its features in detail at the Build Developer Conference in April, 2014. Many Windows Phone users were craving for the notification-center feature which will now be backed into the software, and the same source further stipulates that just like Android and iOS it will be enabled by swiping down from the top of the screen.

Back in September we reported the Microsoft was working on a Siri like personal digital  assistant called Cortana, and now it’s all becoming a reality. Microsoft has been testing Cortana for a number of months, and we understand it will replace the existing Bing search on  Windows Phone to allow users to interact using voice or text input.

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Nokia is also reported to be working on two devices that will take advantage of the latest upcoming Windows Phone update. One is codenamed “Goldfinger,” will apparently include a “3D Touch” system that detects off-the-glass interactions. Nokia’s second handset, codenamed “Moneypenny,” will take advantage of the new on-screen Windows Phone 8.1 buttons that are available to device makers with Microsoft’s latest update. Till  Build 2014 we await to see if all the rumors hold any  truth to them.