Windows 9 Gets Leaked In Video: The Return of the Start Menu

Windows 9

The next version of Windows is upon us and it’s confirmed the Start Menu is back thanks recent leaks we’re now seeing every single part of the company’s plans for bringing back this popular feature. This new video above from German site WinFuture has posted a two-minute video that demonstrates how the Start menu works in the next major release of Windows also believed to be called Windows 9 or just Windows. Well as you’d expect, it’s very similar to what Microsoft demonstrated with traditional apps mixing with modern apps  into a familiar Start menu.

There has been a shift of the account options, now you will find them have been placed at the top of the Start menu, you will be able to lock and sign out of account, while shutdown and restart options can be access by a visible button alongside the account section. According to the video, the new Start menu consists of two sections: one for a list of traditional apps in the familiar left pane, and a new section on the right that consists mainly of modern apps with Live Tiles. Also, the right section can collapse to make way for Start menu users to dig into File Explorer, otherwise it appears to work just like the Windows 7 menu with options to pin apps and browse through a list of all apps.

While this new Start menu clearly isn’t designed for tablet users, there appears to be an option to “use the Start menu instead of the Start screen” for those with mouse and keyboard users.

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Source: WinFuture