Will Zuku’s going low break DSTV’s monopoly?


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In a wake of the #UgPetition and the political hullabaloo that has long dominated the social divide was an important announcement that was almost sidelined by politicking. Wananchi group owned satellite TV operator Zuku TV announced low-cost bouquets targeting the mass market, starting with its Smart pack bouquet that goes for a monthly subscription of 10,500 UGX for 31 TV channels.

The bouquet bundles local, a selection of Zuku owned and international channels together for ones viewing. It allows for one to upgrade to Zuku’s richer offerings of classic and the premium bouquets which now go for 23,500 UGX for 64+ channels and 33,500 UGX for 100+ channels respectively.
The above prices are a paltry of what DSTV asks for its channels lineup with its entry Access bouquet asking for 38,000 UGX to as high as 334,000 UGX for DSTV premium, something that plays to Zuku’s advantage.
If you’re to do the maths, Zuku’s premium bouquet is cheaper than DSTV’s basic package. The added ability of upgrading to a richer service by just subscription helps Zuku confine it’s subscriber base within its paywalls, that they only take the chance once their current bouquet is lacking. The other juicy part being; other upgrading options are still affordable with a wide selection of channels to choose from however much some channels are parallel to DSTV’s.

So would you rather go to DSTV and pay as much for what Zuku currently offers or the other way round? I believe majority would opt for Zuku though it still lacks premium sports content like the English Premier League (EPL), a fans favorite across Uganda.

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The continued hoarding of premium content by DSTV especially the EPL to its pricier bouquets is the only remaining bond that remains to be broken, get disintegrated that finally the common man can watch the EPL at the comfort of his home. But until anti-competition laws come at play, that will long remain a dream. The now defunct GTV successfully broke up DSTV’s monopoly but we’re yet to see Zuku do the same that the massive exodus to its service starts. For now, DSTV still reigns king.