Here is why YouTube’s upcoming Music subscription service will be a hit

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We all know YouTube because of videos. For real who doesn’t know about that, besides the upcoming YouTube video awards which will be graced by some big names in the music industry such as Eminem and ketty Perry among others. The video sharing service is set to offer a music subscription service like you see spotify, rdio and other services. This of course will supplement its video service that we always get served. The service is said either to launch in December or early January but we at techjaja can’t confirm that yet.

The service will also allow users download music for offline

This comes at a time when folks at Cupertino launched such a service dubbed the iTunes radio but has got geographical limitations and its only available in the US. The service will be offered in two modes a ‘freemium’  Ads supported one as well as a premium one going for 0.99$ a month without Ads. We can’t tell what will happen to the Google’s own  play music service, All Access music service but Google recently inked deals with major music labels like Universal, Sony and Warner in order to support this effort. The service is supposedly said to roll out soon and will also be accompanied by the traditional video services we have been accustomed to. The service will also allow users download music for offline viewing and listening
which is not supported by the current YouTube app unless you use third party apps like YouTube video downloader.

People are like this is a reply to Apples iTunes radio which recently released figures of having streamed  one billion songs through its service in the US alone just a few months down the lane. So Google wants to tap into this market and this will increase the competition as there already others services in this space. These include Pandora, Spotify,Rdio among others but Google will prove a good contender due to its long library of songs. So we can’t wait to see this service launch and I hope Google will have to stick to this service. You know Google now days is known for launching services and letting them die
in the long run. Look at Google traders fate, its soon dying in favor of Google + business pages.

Every country at least has got its own YouTube url

I didn’t come here to write about those that fate has caught unaware, I came to let us know about what YouTube is set
to offer. I understand as well as you that YouTube is a global brand . Every country at least has got its own YouTube url. I think this is good business for Google as well as the big studios. You know everyone looking for a new video runs
to YouTube so expanding its portfolio is good for business as the company seeks to expand revenue beyond advertising. And also another fact that will help it thrive is Android, you understand Android is Google’s baby and apps like YouTube
come pre-loaded on the OS.

We haven’t yet confirmed if it will come as a standalone app or service or embedded in the current YouTube app  or whether it will roll out  as an update. Others competitor like Vimeo, daily motion should up their game as this to my own opinion will drive traffic to Youtube which is good for business as well as to its user base .Keep up with us on Techjaja to update you on what will happen next

NB: this post is set for updates any time soon