Will Yahoo’s removal of Google and Facebook accounts from accessing its services make any difference?

 News from camp Yahoo According to Reuters, indicates that the company will soon start removing the option to sign into any of Yahoo’s services with a Facebook or Google account. Yahoo says it will eventually remove Facebook and Google sign-in buttons from all its products, but who does this affect? Yahoo or its competition?

Yahoo’s reasons for making such a decision is unknown as there will be a number of users finding themselves without Yahoo accounts. It seems Yahoo has found its self in a position where the company presumably believes that its services are now attractive enough that Facebook and Google account holders can be obliged to create their own Yahoo account without the help of third parties.

The reason Yahoo added the option in the first place was to ease registration of new users onto their services since there are far more users on social networks than those using Yahoo. Seems Yahoo has analyzed and come to a conclusion that there is no more use in riding on social networks to get new user as it no longer makes a difference. They would rather have users create their own genuine Yahoo IDs and use their services. Whether this new strategy will work, we are yet to see.

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