A new product, called YO Sperm Test, lets you skip the awkward visits to you fertility clinic, especially when it comes to the process of  “extracting” your sperm for laboratory tests. The at-home test kit uses a mini-microscope that clips on to your smartphone and allows you to not only test your sperm’s motility — the rate at which they move — and the count, but to view your little swimmers on the screen of your smart device. This is how it will work;

  • YO uses your phone’s video and camera light
  • Detachable YO Clip is a mini microscope
  • View and save a video of your sperm

The device is developed by a commercial-grade solution for semen analysis, and was found to be 97 percent accurate. The product has already been approved by international drug Authorities and those interested will be able to pre-order their own kits by January 1 launch at the website for $50 (UGX 185,000).

So getting to know the state of your little guys will soon be done in your own conform with no rush.