Will Samsung’s rumored voice and data capable Smartwatch redefine current wearables?

galaxy gear 2
Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

The rumors are out, Samsung wants to make a smartwatch that will make calls and receive data without the need of a smartphone. According to The Wall Street Journal the company wants to remove the limitation that have given current smart watches trouble, they basically want to cut the cord between the watch’s dependency on the phone for communication. On top of these features, they will include a camera, GPS, and a heart-rate monitor, and will at least be capable of sending email. The WSJ report further suggests that the smartwatch will reportedly be unveiled in the next few months. and is aiming for a June or July unveiling, and that it’s already speaking with telecoms in the US, Europe, and South Korea. Now that Samsung wants to put a SIM card into a smartwatch, how will that affect the all current smartwatches, will they be inferior in functionality?


We are still not sure if this is part of the Android Wear project, since Samsung is also among the companies that singed up to participate in Google’s wearable  project along side with Motorola, LG and HTC. I recently wrote about how Android Smartwatch updates might lag behind like  Android smartphones due to the different OEMs involved all struggling to distinguish themselves around the same OS.  But if we go by the rumors, this watch won’t be running Google’s impressive-looking Android Wear watch operating system, as many might hope. Instead, it’ll reportedly be running Tizen, like the Gear 2 so expect a galaxy only affair.

Samsung’s been more than happy to experiment with the shape of smartphones, and in most cases the results have been ridiculous (Galaxy Round or Galaxy s4 zoom), and it sounds as though this watch will be just another extension of that. The Moto 360, one the most anticipated smartwatches of 2014, is a round the corner and so is LG’s watch. Most of the companies have introduced several smartwatch 2experiments on their watches from round shapes to water and durst proofing. Smart-watches being a new emerging device category, it’s a logical area of experimentation and no one can blame Samsung for trying out more outrageous ideas.


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We cannot deny that current Samsung smartwatches however good they are, the biggest complaints people have with them is their overbearing reliance on the phone that they’re tethered to, so building a data connection right in would certainly resolve that. Or does it? As the Koren company wants to redefine wearables to be standalone there is still one issue to overcome, will people want to pay for separate cellular and data service to a watch? Here in Africa, we have several people who carry dual SIM phones and it would be a great idea to have one SIM in your watch and the other in your phone.

With three smartwatches in less than a year, all we see Samsung doing is throwing out several smartwatch concepts to the public and sees what will stick just like they did for the Galaxy Note line of devices, now every smartphone even the iPhone, wants to have a large screen thanks to Samsung. Now right back at you, do you think a Smartwatch capable of voice and data will be the next big thing in this wearable category? You can leave your comments for us below.

Featured Image Credit: The Verge