Why you will be taken this January: Taken 3

Taken 3

I’m among the people who go gaga when welcoming the new year because of many reasons especially those related with what technology has to offer moving forward. Well, as I admired the scenery of the amazing fireworks my mind was pre-occupied with which movie will start off this year with a bang. I’m a movie enthusiast, and to be more precise those with epic actors that relentlessly make us ask for more action. Well on a chilly new year’s day I was presented with a great kick-starter for the year when on my watch list Taken 3 took the lead spot.


Movies that have a trend of parts are lately becoming a turnoff but when I hoped for the same as I watched Taken 3, I was in for a lot of surprises. And, only until then that I decided to change my bias of it all and I concluded that when a movie is good it is really good and I ought to give it credit in full capacity. Taken 3 got me increasingly asking myself a lot of questions about how they managed to pull this off for the third time and keep the viewers hooked.

“he’s an angry beast ready to seek revenge”

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Liam Neeson the guy that really gives us real value for our money and time while watching his movies is at it again in this one. Forget all about his rescue and kick ass escapades in the previous parts, but this time around he‘s an angry beast ready to seek revenge for the brutal murder of his wife, on the lookout of the betrayal of his own government, “Uniquely” finding justice for a murder he never committed and above all protecting his only daughter. Returning in this epic 2015 blockbuster as ex-covert Bryan Mills, Liam Neeson’s hope to reunite as a family with his daughter and wife to finally settle is unexpectedly cut short when his wife is brutally murdered and finds himself framed for a crime he didn’t commit.

Taken 3_2

He goes on the run to evade the CIA, FBI and the police led by Forest Whitaker who are on his case timelessly. Full of grieve and anger, Bryan Mills is only left with no option but to adopt extraordinary measures to track down the real killers, bring them to justice and protect the only thing that matters to him and that’s his daughter. Well I can actually come to terms that there’s no more another addition to this franchise as this is the last one in the franchise. Too sad as it had only gotten more interesting and captivating because initially Liam Neeson had told the world earlier that there won’t be a Taken 3 but here it is and yet again Directed by Oliver Megaton also directed Taken 2 in 2012. Well it will be hitting cinemas soon on 9th January and is to be the longest time running of all the ‘Taken’ films. What an epic way to start 2015 with a movie bang.