Why Google Reportedly Filtered out some Brazilian World Cup Search trends



Why Google Reportedly Filtered out some Brazilian World Cup Search trends

Brazilians World Cup Cry (Image Credit: TodayOnline)

Before yesterday’s 3 0 loss to Netherlands in the 2014 World Cup ‘Third Place Match’, Brazilian futebol, has been crumbling down the drain the past week; let alone that annihilating and twitter record breaking loss to Germany.  If you are a Brazilian fan, seems Google feels your pain as the search engine giant has revealed to NPR that its experimental social newsroom for the Cup has kept off covering some of the bigger Brazilian search trends during the cockeyed match, to avoid “shame,” because the posts were simply too negative. They wanted to prevent the negative stories from going viral as well as pure sympathy.

People tend not to respond well to bad news on social networks, and Google would rather not “rub salt into the wounds” — unlike a regular news outlet, it has more incentive to write about cheerful happenings than calamities.

“Our primary goal, more than anything else, is to share what matters”

In Google’s defense, the company told Engadget that it’s simply focused on highlighting interesting events, not downplaying bad news. It also adds that you can always visit Google Trends to see exactly what’s going on. Check out the company’s official statement below.

“Our social channels exist to share interesting and relevant information to the people who want to hear from us. Unlike your average 16-year-old, we don’t share every single thing we might have to say. Throughout the World Cup, we’ve shared more than 150 tidbits in 13 languages looking at Leaping Legends to Waving the Flag and everything in between. If people want more, they can always use google.com/trends to see what topics are trending at that time. Our primary goal, more than anything else, is to share what matters most at that moment to the most people. And, it’s good to have that goal, as we don’t want to have to rely on penalty kicks.”

The fact remains that whether any filtering was done or not, Google will never chance the country’s disappointing performance in the football tournament but we hope they will pick up the pieces and get ready for the Next four years in Russia.

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