Which is Uganda’s most memorable tech ad yet?

MTN egg hunt

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geek week emblemWith big telecom companies like MTN Uganda collecting Digital Media and Social Media awards especially for their last internet campaign ad, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the other prominent ads that Uganda’s tech industry has produced in recent years.

Let’s face it the big tech companies in Uganda are from the telecom sector, this is evident in the millions of shillings they remit in taxes to the URA. The Ads range from semi-geeky and low-budget video promos, tech commercials which have also now matured into cunning and probably costly productions. They now speak to the way Ugandans live and the way technology weaves itself into our most day-to-day activities.  It’s obvious these ads make the artificial and man-made feel authentic and harmonious with our natural way of being and living.

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Technology in Uganda has for the past decades tremendously evolved and this has seen immense drastic changes in the advertising sector, from mere posters to epic amazingly fascinating tech ads Newspapers, posters, billboards, radio stations and the recent trend on Social Media have for this time been the platform for adverts to reach out to their customers conveniently. Television stations have been a fast growing center where tech ads have been on the development and rise rapidly. Tech ads are awesomely being well-scripted and this has caught the eye of customers
It solely depends on oneself to ideally yell out their most memorable tech adverts with the continued evolution of technology, ideas, and competition in business in order to capture the large share. Telecommunication companies MTN, Airtel, Orange, K2, Smile, and the newly born Smart telecom have all put up a challenging factor through adverts to stay relevant.



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“Okkuma otya ebugumu mu jji lye mbaata.”(How to keep a duck egg warm) Gonya zilya Ki? (What do crocodiles eat?) This Ad can’t surely miss when this year boosts of amazing tech ads. I bring you the famous Egg Hunt MTN campaign which has gone viral regardless of the one who knows it’s true meaning, age bracket and its intended target. The egg hunt was an awesome ad that was informing of the general MTN customer fraternity of how their Internet was blistering at 21mbps and more. This goes for my third favorite tech ad. Over the years Uganda’s telecom giant has brought us several ads from MTN Chat Chat, Welcome to the new world, MTN mobile money name it they had it. Enjoy a sample of their ads below.

MTN Internet Campaign

MTN chat chat

Uganda cranes we believe

Welcome to the New World

MTN Mobile Money


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When Airtel brings an advert to our attention, we are left in more anticipation of what next they are yet to drop. In simple terms, one can hardly predict what to expect. Airtel Rising stars campaign was a great success and this can surely go well for its advert as this was a well calculated advert and brought out even a brighter picture to the mindset of viewers.

Airtel Together We can

Wow with friends and reliable network

Trace Music stars

Airtel Warid marriage

Am Airtel Campaign

[section label=”Orange Ads”]


Perhaps I would rather leave this Internet Giant’s ads to do the talking.

[section label=”Warid Ads”]


The gone but forgotten Warid Telecom made a lot of hype before its ‘marriage’ to Airtel

Warid Kungufu

Warid Launches in Uganda

Warid Pesa

Magic voice

Warid 3G Internet

Uganda Telecom

Yes they are still in the Game

The perfect Threesum

Airtime for life

UTL bonga forever

UTL Bonga Forever

Smart Telecom

Smart Telecom is new top the game and has lots of potential

Smart Telecom's Ad


Unlike the telecoms, the PayTV ads are some how on the low. With players like GOTV, DSTV, ZUKU TV, Star Times, the latest Azam TV have all battled it out at the advertising ground and this too has brought great tech ads to our attention. GOTV has brought various ads to the scene of how they have the best bouquets and this has increased on their sales, DSTV too has contacted the services of well-known comedian Patrick Idringi a.k.a Salvado to crack up customers with the ‘Dr Turner Show’ that’s having rounds on all local TV stations countywide. Azam TV has brought on board musician of the ‘sitya loss’ fame Eddie Kenzo to help boost sales and seems to be working out.


[section label=”Go TV Ads”]


The sensational award winning comedian Ann Kasiime composed a whole catchy tune that ushered in GoTV into the Ugandan market.

Kansime's GO TV Ad


DSTV’s latest Dr. Turner show which doesn’t look like a Ugandan ad but when one sees the comedian Salvador Idringi and a translated version on Bukkedde TV then they will agree that it’s Ugandan. This is a well scripted ad both on TV and radio and this year will go down well for DSTV with such and ad. Kudos to DSTV that was great.

DSTV Dr Turner' Campaign

DSTV so much more pocket freidnly

Local free-to-air TV stations are too tussling it out and have not forgotten the relevance of Ads to stay in business with the latest coming from Nation TV making 8years of existence and coming up with their new app the NTV Mobi, putting up ads on radio and TV adding wealth to tech.

[section label=”NTV Ads”]


NBS TV too has continued to define the true definition of technology after being the first to release a TV app early this year and backing it with an awesome advert. To sum it all, Television stations are the biggest platform in Uganda that has fully showcased the art of true Tech ads of course not forgetting online ads which usually don’t get high traffic. Many Companies are starting to respect the norm of taking technology seriously by coming up with online ideas where their customers can conveniently reach them easily.

Banks have come up with online banking and have thrown up some captivating ads to excite & attract customers. As Technology grows at a faster rate, tech ads are growing too fast and surely making sense and relevancy. As we sum up this dramatic year of 2014, there are those tech ads we surely can’t forget and have caught us not only by surprise but have touched our fondest love of technology.

And the elephant in the room, vote below which company mentioned above has given the Ugandans the most memorable tech ads.  You could also leave your comment below.  Which is Uganda’s most memorable tech ad yet?

Have a great geek week with us as we welcome a revamped Techjaja.

  • james k

    Well MTN has some old cool ads like MTN
    had Kaziro Shoe Shiners, I think that remains the ‘baddest’ telecom Ad
    in Uganda, Airtel (was it Zain) also had a funny ad where Daniel Omara
    was ordering Fish.