When you cross your geek lover

Geek lover

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[/blockquote] 2Face Idibia once, innocently, sung that ‘If love is a crime i’m willing to be hunted’. And, we were all stirred by this positive paradox and wanted to be ‘victims’. Little did we know that wishes do get granted and we didn’t specify how we wanted them granted?

Often times we get carried away by situations until reality slaps us hard in the face. Take a look at ‘revenge porn’ which was ushered on the Ugandan social scene by the shocking Luzinda sextape that left many people captivated. For weeks Ugandans’ insatiable appetite for spicy  gossip was treated to a sextape soap opera which served up one libidous twist after another in what is so far Uganda’s most high profile horny saga.

But then, reality check sets in. Kampala’s Fling Queens and Kings have suddenly become a tormented lot. It turns out anyone can be the next not-so-award-winning star in yet another blockbuster sextape. With several sextapes having hit the social media silver screen after Luzinda’s, Ugandans have realized that your all-good Prince charming can become a jilted pervert and embracing technology has consequences; It contributes to biggest widespread of sextapes,   it makes lovers have to compete with gadgets for attention, most surprisingly,  it helps unleash  the  dark sides of geek lovers.

“See, geeks like any human beings have feelings…”

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Sheila (not real names) is the latest victim who is no longer singing the Idibia song. She was having an incredible thing going with Peter who had made 40% off his geeky schedule to spend time with her, Sheila however needed more hence resorting to cyber companionship. Zeros and Ones became her new love language while she massaged the keyboard to transmit lustful emoticons. And ,she did enjoy her new bug-free cyber-bliss life. At least she did until Peter smelt a rat, went on the hunt to teach Sheila one lesson…

See, geeks like any human beings have feels, they want to be loved and to love back. They need to feel like the time they spend cheating on their babies (devices/gadgets) is worth it. Yes they know, they try to indulge you in their uninteresting talk about tech this, gaming that, software here…but let’s face it, that is 98% of their lives and you are the 2% with whom they cheat.

Everything was going well for Peter until the ‘side dish’ stirred up the cyber-beast in him, unraveling the hacker in him to embark on to project CYBERCRIME FOR PASSION….

“Don’t mess with geeks”,

And oh, anybody still ‘willing to be hunted’?


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