WhatsApp’s new Group feature is something users have been craving

Who read my Group message...


The latest WhatsApp update is giving more to users especially most of us who find ourselves chatting in the different groups. Sticking to their promise, WhatsApp Inc is rolling out more interesting features/updates on it’s mobile app. For those who want to keep track of who has read your message in a Group conversation, WhatsApp has rolled out this feature. The user will be able to select any message s/he sends in a group they are currently in, and from the option bar that appears on top of the messages, you select message info icon/option. It will show you how many people in the group have read that message, and how many still remain to read, and also how it was delivered to and still remaining.

As a bonus WhatsApp is also bringing the ability to allow users to revoke or edit messages that have already been sent to other contacts. There is a catch, however, this feature will be available in WhatsApp’s iPhone beta version and is said to be disabled by default, meaning that you will have to turn it on manually if an when you need it. The company is still coy when it will bring this feature to Android Users.