WhatsApp will finally let people delete embarrassing messages within 5 minutes


Have you ever sent a wrong WhatsApp message, picture of video to someone or in a group and there no way of preventing them from seeing it even if you have deleted it on your end? Well, it has happened to most users, Skype users can already delete such accidentally sent messages that could potentially be embarrassing.

Now, thanks to a new upcoming WhatsApp feature, the days of regretting an embarrassing message will soon be a thing of the past. The messaging service is releasing a new ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature that will let you unsend messages. Users will only have five minutes from when the message is sent to delete it, and only messages that haven’t been opened by the recipient can be removed.

WhatsApp will soon roll out an update with the new feature to Android and iOS users globally, reports suggest.

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WABetaInfo, a London-based Twitter account that tests WhatsApp update early, announced that Delete For Everyone is in the final stages of testing and will be ‘available soon’.

WABetaInfo said: ‘WhatsApp is finally testing the Delete for Everyone feature: The server finally works and it successfully recalls the message.

‘Also if the server works, this does not mean that the feature is currently enabled. ‘It will be remotely enabled later, and seen that WhatsApp ‘enabled’ their servers for the Delete for Everyone feature, it may really be enabled soon.’

Delete for Everyone will reportedly work on all types of WhatsApp messages, including texts, images, videos, GIFs, documents and Status reply. Users can delete these messages within five minutes of sending them, but if this time window is missed, the message will stay.

If message has been Opened, then its useless to delete

Rumours suggest users will not be able to delete any messages that the recipient has opened, even within the five-minute limit. The highly anticipated feature, originally called ‘Recall’, was first seen in April, when it was tested in a Beta version of the app.

The feature was included in the code for version 2.17.30 of the app, but Whatsapp has still to enable it. The beta version tested in April also had other changes, including a new ‘change number’ feature, which allowed users to more easily recognise a contact if they’ve got a new number.

This feature could be released alongside Delete for Everyone in an update soon.