WhatsApp is now used by over 1 Billion people daily

WhatsApp how tos

Facebook owned WhatsApp messaging app just hit its greatest user milestone yet: 1 billion people now use the app every single day. That’s one out of every seven or eight people on the planet.

While WhatsApp hit 1 Billion monthly users last year, it’s now reached the milestone for the people who are bound to the app every day. It’s a sign of Facebook’s continued dominance in digital communications.

Whatsapp stats 1 billion usersWe don’t have daily active user figures for all of Facebook platforms, but Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook have 700 Million, 1.2 Billion, and 2 billion monthly users, respectively.

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There are only so many people in the world though – so we wonder where Facebook will go next. Maybe once Facebook can breach China – a country of 1.4 billion where pretty much all its services are banned – we’ll see it grow some more.