WhatsApp to kill support for Nokia and Blackberry phones

WhatsApp how tos

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The above statement is neither a working of editorial ranks of techjaja but rather a working of the ubiquitous WhatsApp messaging service. The messaging king, as it’s come to be known has announced it will end support to the above platforms by 2017 instead opting to tell users still encapsulated in the above platforms to migrate to either Android, iOS or newer versions  of Windows Phone. So users still clinging to the decades old Blackberries(this even spells out trouble for newer BB10 powered handsets) , Symbian powered Nokia running S40 or S60 and a few that tried out their luck with Microsoft’s WP7. Android handsets running Android 2.2 will also be affected given refined iterations that have to dominate Android over the years.

Whatsapp is a cross platform messaging service that recently celebrated an amassment of 1 billion users, putting it in a special club with the likes of Facebook and Gmail. Maybe the cross platform description will only apply to newer Androids, iPhone’s and Windows Phone 8 or above? Whatsapp knows better.

It’s high time we said goodbye to these platforms

To put this in perspective, these mobile operating systems have lost their cool or are on the verge of collapsing after every attempt to revive them has proven futile. We once predicted the demise of Windows Phone and indeed handset shipments running WP have continued to shrink, not even the Windows 10 messiah which raised hopes has put a dent to this. The BB family marketshare is almost non existent. Sorry Symbian, I didn’t know that you still make noise but lower priced Androids are stealing away your appeal.

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As they continues to lose marketshare, so is developer support and Whatsapp joins other developers that have called it quits for these platforms.