WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram could be switched off in Uganda due to the anti-gay law

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It world news by now that the Ugandan President, signed the famous anti homosexuality bill yesterday into law. This has not gone down well for the largest social company in the US,  the sad bit is that most of the apps we use are not home grown and might  have to rely on the innovation from the US.

According to theBigEye, today Facebook’s chief operation, the company is disappoint with the decision made and is currently reviewing options including suspending its famous apps from Uganda. You can read the statement below for details.


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When we launched Facebook, we thought it as a platform to advance people’s rights and liberties of self expression in all form. We were equally shocked to learn that Uganda as a country had gone ahead to sign the Anti Homosexuality bill into a law.

Facebook is currently reviewing its engagement to Uganda, as we seek to come up with a voice to express our dissatisfaction. And of course, suspending our operations in Uganda is one of the options we are considering. In the event that we suspend operations in Uganda, our platforms of Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp will be off for a time we shall deem necessary.

We strongly condemn the act of the Ugandan Government to overstep the rights of a minority. All humans are created equal and deserve a right to freedom and happiness.

Sheryl Kara Sandberg 
Chief Operations Officer (COO) At Facebook

Back to SMS ?

This will imply that Ugandans will have to seek solace in other messaging apps or revert back to the tradition SMS that people last used ages ago. We are yet to see the out come of  this implication.

– See more at: http://www.techjaja.com/whatsapp-facebook-and-instagram-could-be-swicthed-off-in-uganda-due-to-the-anti-gay-law2522014#sthash.yYLWdznL.dpuf