WhatsApp CEO bashes Apple for ‘stealing’ features

Apple WWDC
Apple CEO Tim Cook

On Monday, Apple announced iOS 8 at the WWDC, and it ushered in several cool features into their standard applications, and this also includes iMessage. Truth be told, these additions are great for the ecosystem, but for a company that prides it’s self in innovation, they managed to snatch several features from WhatsApp and the CEO, Jan Koum, couldn’t help to poke Apple about it.

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Among the features that were ‘stolen’ the new iMessage app will allow you to place audio, video and location information into your messages, something WhatsApp users already have. From the tweet Koum wasn’t specific on the features he was angry at Apple for snarfing, but these could very well be the ones that angered him.

Well seems Apple borrowed several ideas from other messaging platforms, they have also allowed you to have the attachments you send to others via iMessage ‘self-destruct’, a feature we already have in Snapchat’s integral messaging service.

It’s no secret that Apple is playing catch up in many features as it’s upcoming iDrive cloud storage service is also similar to the popular Dropbox service. So do you think Apple is losing its innovation touch?

  • Rijoenpial

    I am just surprised Apple is not being extensively sued by Google, WhatsApp, Microsoft and many others whose software features have been blatantly stolen by the Queen of Patent Trolls (patent pending… LOL)… They should get Apple to have a taste of its own venom and drag her sorry arrogant litigious geriatric copycat arse in court till the last days of their geriatric BOD… Apathy is only enabling Apple to keep bullying companies and stealing indiscriminately and without penalty…

    • roger bambino

      Once ideas are not patented ..there will be no grounds for legal action.. Otherwise we shall continue to this kind of pure rip offs as Apple tries to play catch up

      • Rijoenpial

        If these companies have not protected their intellectual properties, then they totally deserve to be sidetracked by patent trolls like Apple… Naïveté is murder in this business and they usually pay a stteep price for it… As long as companies do not do their job to protect themselves from these sharks, they will be robbed, and then sued by unethical companies like Apple… Cheers

        • roger bambino

          i totally agree