WhatsApp CEO apologizes for the four hour outage over the weekend

It was just barely two days since the high-profile $16 billion acquisition of Whats App by Facebook happened. The Whatsapp messaging service went down, details of the panic and rage over social media is a story for another day. The Four hours of downtime felt like a life time for most of the addicted. Today, founder and CEO Jan Koum has come out to apologize for the downtime, offering the technical drill down that happened and new perceptiveness into the magnitude of the downtime.

In an email to theverge The Founder and CEO of WhatsApp said

“It has been our longest and biggest outage in years and affected all of our users, the culprit was a faulty network router, which caused a cascading failure that ended up affecting Whatsapp servers.

Based on the explanation, this all dismisses the rumors of the Facebook acquisition to have caused the downtime. He further explained that the service is taking new measures with its service provider to protect against future downtime .

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