WhatApp at sea Business

We suppose it’s no longer news that Whatsapp is rolling out business accounts to some business entities across the globe. However, what will make news is that the pilot program has also gotten some Ugandan businesses involved.

And before long, you might see your local telecom, bank, airline or any other business with a verified Whatsapp account within in your whatsapp contacts. We have an in-depth report about it here and also news about a major airline becoming the first to get the verified badge on Whatsapp here. Once again, we are here today to report that a Ugandan business called Solutions to Computer Problems will be amongst the first if not the first on getting a verified Whatsapp for Business account. This of course was after they were invited to test Whatsapp for Business, a different app used by businesses to better communicate or correspond to their customers among others on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp for Business comes with its suite of features like statistics, locations, contact info to help the business better manage their accounts in the face of customers on Whatsapp.

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For now the test phase is an invite only affair so it won’t be readily available to business till the final product launches.

While many have become accustomed to a free Whatsapp, large business will have to pay to use Whatsapp for Business resources while Small and Medium Enterprises will use the new service for free. We assume this will be on a scale of how many customers/correspondents are at your disposal.

How? Opening business accounts is the first of steps, we assume verification will follow in order for businesses to earn that green badge with a check mark and Whatsapp will make money either by helping you reach its large audience or charge you for using the tools at your disposal to help you tailor your account and use the big data it has from its account holders.

WhatApp business Uganda
Solutions to Computer on WhatsApp for business

On reaching out to Solution to computer Problems, a one Charles intimated to us that he received an invite to join the testing phases through mail. He was then asked to download a free separate Whatsapp  Business app on Android which he did. Everything from his normal account was transferred to this new business account.

Though his account is not verified as of this writing, it’s a stark contrast from the usual Whatsapp contacts say of your friends and relatives on checking out the contact information.

It displays the business name, verification status, location, business description and contact information.

We assume more businesses  will join the testing program and it might not be long that you also receive that invite to have a business account, assuming you use your number for customer relations amongst a host of business activities.