Whatsapp for Android updated with new emojis, but we believe more can be done

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[/blockquote]We’ve always longed for Whatsapp for Android to increase its emoji offering, but all those cries have gone unanswered till now. As of this writing, cry no more with the latest update of numerical¬† 2.12.411 which introduces non Marshmallow Android users to a new set of emoji panel that goes together with newly crafted emoji. The new emoji just come almost in time for Valentine’s and what more of a perfect gift could WhatsApp give its users than dozens upon dozens of brand new emojis they can use to express all of their emotions and deep feelings?¬† There’s a middle finger emoji too, as well as an urn, a turkey, plenty of religious places and more.

Whereas this is a far cry from users using messengers like Viber, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and the rest, given a vast amount of emoji to choose from, it’s a good welcome to the green Facebook owned messenger which recently grossed 1 billion users. Availability of the new set of emojis already rolled out but might appear later than soon for some users as has been the case with many updates before.

But it can do better if

However we as power users believe there is still more to be yawned for. Say Chatbots, third party emoji support,payments, ephemeral messaging, stickers and a lot more. These we get to enjoy from other alternatives and have proved a catch to a section of users.

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So Whatsapp thriving as the messaging king while lacking some of the above is one reason why Tigers from the East like WeChat have proved cash cows for their respective parent companies. You can do a lot within the app since it’s tending to be a self contained kind of thing which in turn retains users. You can hail a taxi, do payments, chat, find new users all in a single app.

Facebook Messenger is headed in that direction with the AI addition together with some of the said power features. How about Whatsapp borrowing from its Blue cousin? But for now Whatsapp remains king with a simple to use interface and support for an array of mobile OSes.