WhatsApp adds voice messaging, announces 300 million monthly active users


Yesterday, the world’s most famous Smartphone messaging app, added voice messaging support to its already rich app. According to AllThingsD, it won’t work like a phone call but rather, it’ll work more like more like a push-to-talk app, where a user can record a snippet of audio directly in the app and send it along to a contact in real time.

On Tuesday, while also announcing that it now has 300 million monthly active users, WhatsApp began updating its apps to enable users to send voice memos to one another.

According to The Vergein an email, whatsapp has confirmed  that its users currently send about 31 billion messages per day, 325 million of which are photos.  WhatsApp is growing, and voice might help the app find even more customers. source: The verge,  All ThingsD