What’s with the mystery picture Techjaja? COMING SOON!!!

Am not a good fan of teasers, but hey when something as exciting as what we are about to launch is almost ripe, we have reason to excite our readers about it. For some time now the tech passionate techjaja team has been looking for ways to touch base with our readers and followers — thanks to the dozens of emails and comments we received from you, we are learning and growing. So the first time ever we are looking to bring you the number one request that you our readers have asked for.

The clue is all in the images above, to eliminate the obvious,  its not a gadget review neither it is a gadget give away of some sort at least for now. For those with a keen eye or with a wide English vocabulary, will note that there is one thing all the images have in common, which of course will be the name of what we are about to launch.  Of course we welcome spoilers of  what you think we are about to unleash leave a comment in section below, else brace yourself for whats coming.