The Unanswered Question: How should low end Smartphones look like ?

Bridging the Gap

A lot of smartphones have come to us in our every day lives in whatever category you can think of. Be it the most praised high end, mid-range and of course where most people at least in Uganda fall, the low end. Very many companies have tried to bridge that gap between the high end and the low end.  The Chinese phone makers particularly are trying to bring us these low end powered devices with an array of clones on market, plus lets not forget the likes of Google who are actually trying to define how low end should look like by packing those so called high end specs and flavors on onto low end powered devices. We have seen devices like the newly launched Moto G and the Nexus 5 surprising many and Google isn’t relaxed and i bet more is still coming.

The Chinese particularly are always bringing new devices on market and I will credit them for at least letting people have access to these phones and discredit them on quality grounds. They are always launching devices and one thing that attracts most people into buying such devices is their cheap price. Another fact that i truly agree with is Android, it has fueled smartphone adoption as its got no price tag attached to it and its openness can allow OEMs customize it with their own skins and this gave birth the the likes Touch Wiz and the most loved Sense each from Samsung and the Taiwanese HTC. With getting the next billion  connected, aggressive pricing not at the expense of the specs or any other features should be adopted just like we see with the newly announced Moto G — this will enable us live in a global village where everyone online  and mobile.

Android leads the race

I don’t despise any OS out there as many have tried out their luck while others are still trying, Android leads the race. The aforementioned reasons are the reason behind Androids growth and IOS is doing pretty well also, followed by Microsoft’s Windows Phone as they eat up space that was previously held by BlackBerry and the grand Symbian. Other players are also betting on new OSes like Mozilla with its Firefox OS and Jolla recently released its Sailfish OS.

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All these are on market mostly in the developed world but we also got a taste of them and they all forget one question to answer, and that is price. Android tried to answer that but again the feel on Low end devices greatly differs with those on High end devices and you can possibly think they are different OSes. Mozilla the new entrant tries to answer that but we are praying to see apple look into the low end. Many thought the recently launched iPhone 5C really represented cheap yet it actually meant the color. One other company that i will appreciate is Nokia as they really tried to define how a low end device should look like with their Asha brand. but again price cut off many people from buying Asha phones as Android counterparts were and are offered at a lower price point. Hope Microsoft will be the savior since they are taking over Nokia devices division.

We now need to revolutionize the game, because all we yearn for, is a  premium looking device at a more affordable price

Google has a lot of dreams of seeing the next billions online, project loon is a great reference and now project link and it offering those amazing devices with such great specs at least on paper will drive other manufactures into really offering people a great experience on that segment. so phones with utmost price $100 (UGX 250,000) coupled with a great experience will change the market. The iPhone changed the industry so did the iPad but we now need to revolutionize the game, because all we yearn for, is a  premium looking device at a more affordable price.