What’s on my Android Phone! (Early 2015)

Whats on my Android Phone

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I always get a bunch of my friends asking me which bang-up applications they can download and install on their Android Smartphones. My response is always the same. “Only get apps that will benefit you in your day-to-day use” I always recommend. Today, I will give the entire world a front seat into my Android phone and show you which apps keep Roger Bambino busy 24/7 in 2015. For full disclosure, I use an HTC One M8 as my daily driver (those who know me, understand why I prefer HTC to other Android brands). The phone is running the latest Android 5.0 lollipop with a Google Now experience launcher with an icon pack from my home screen apps from Moonshine.

There are three kinds of apps in my phone, those that come preloaded out of the box, those that you download from the Google Play Store and finally those you side-load for testing purposes. In total, I have over 135 apps installed on my phone that occupy over 7.36 GB of memory, this is not much given that I have 32 GB to play with.

The setup I have is usually pretty simple, and this is because I usually switch phones for testing purposes and I want to make it easy for myself, so I usually don’t have a whole tone of widgets on my phone screen apart  from the essential clock widget. Always remember that Android can be customized the way you want, I prefer a simple eye-catching styling for my phone.

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NB: I had to blur out a few apps in the screenshots that flow since am still under embargo by the developers and I cannot showcase them.

My Home screen apps

On bottom at the dock , I have my four most used apps and folders, which include the Call/dialing app,  Camera, SMS (Google SMS app) and Social Media folder (Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, Twitter, BBM, etc). Also on my home screen I have other folders like the Google Folder, Music Folder (Ziki Folder), Site Folder, MS Office Folder and Games Folders. Each folder has apps that are well categorized and easy for me to get yo with just a click or two at the screen. Other apps on the major home screen, are the podcast app called Pocket Cast, the Google Play store, Settings, OLX, and Flipboard for quick news content.

On the next home screen I have the following apps: Sunrise (The best calender app) Evernote, RealCalc (a scientific calculator), Reddit, Speedtest, Gallery, Flashlight and ES File Explorer. I also have a few folders like the Browser Folder and Quick Technology Site Folder. On the right of the home screen, I have my Google Now slide for quick weather info, directions, trending stories from websites I usually visit and live premiership soccer score cards.

In the app drawer

The App drawer is where all apps live including those I have mentioned above.


Now that you’ve seen which apps I use, feel free to share with the community which Android apps you have on your smartphone, with screenshots or app names in the comment section below.  Also, in case there is any app you want details about feel free to comment as well.