What does Facebook’s “dislike” button bring to the social media table?

We have all experienced that moment when a friend posts a silly comment during a chat and you have no words for the and the best you can do is to neglect it and move on. Now you will be able to demonstrate your despise with a “dislike” starting  today. It’s good to note that Facebook isn’t introducing a full dislike button experience, at least on the web, the Messenger part of the service is getting a giant thumbs-down sticker as part of a free pack released this week. According to thenextweb Stickers were initially introduced in April, but thanks to a hack gave birth to the “Likes” sticker pack that includes a sore thumb, fiery thumb, poke, and lots more.

You can get the new sticker pack from the Sticker Store, which is accessible via the smiley face within a Facebook Messenger app. It won’t bring the dislike button to comments and status updates for those who were excited about that. So if you are wondering what the dislike button will bring? Nothing just more options for expressing your opinion during chat.