What do you think about this new iDroid song?

While you continue to tap on the Tango beat, iDroid USA has come out yet again to introduce to you an anthem that will get your groove on dubbed the “iDroid Song”.

Headlined by the newly signed ambassadors, the A-list lineup brings their best lyrics and verses to the iDroid USA brand explaining the different features exhibited by iDroid smartphones. These include Kunta Kinte CEO, Mun*G, dancehall heavy weights Nutty Neithan with the Queen Sheeba and vocalist Rema Namakula. The new song hosted by soundcloud and available freely for streaming can be found on the iDroid Africa Facebook Page and their soundcloud account.

With its lineup of smartphones flying off the shelves thanks to the June madness, coupled with the data bundles that have become as a pre-requisite for every iDroid smartphone sold, this song adds to the love this new kid on the block smartphone vendor has received ever since it launched its operations in Uganda.

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Ugandans are known to love music, this can be better explained by the vibrant night life Kampala enjoys thanks to the music that overwhelms most events in and outside town. iDroid tapped the immense talent exhibited by Ugandan artistes and its surely putting it to good use with this iDroid song. We’re yet to confirm if a video will drop soon.