Welcome to Techjaja Geek Week 2015

Geek week 2015 posts[blockquote right=”pull-left”]
[/blockquote] No Google is not buying Techjaja (or so we wished). Apart from being Uganda’s biggest tech blog –for the second year running–the team at Techjaja will next week engage in an online marathon of fun-filled and free-styled articles that will leave you Geeked out, yes even for you non-Geeks. After a year of resting and oiling our geek engines, we are back to gear up for the Techjaja Geek Week 2015. It is October once again, the tech news cycle has slowed to a crawl, and things are sluggish in the tech world, so the best thing for us is to get loose and welcome you in our Geekdom.

Techjaja Geek Week, is when we will totally blow up our site and bring our editorial teams together to make weird experiments online, bundle and chase crazy ideas, and generally rethink the way we tell stories on the internet while focusing on local content to enhance technology with our platform, and our editorial tools. In a nutshell, telling the tech and non-tech story the Ugandan way. You’re going to see a lot of weird, potentially broken things hit the site next week, but that’s why Techjaja exists (let alone the typos) — always with a unique twist of things on the technology and ICTs around you as we try to push the boundaries in front of an audience (that’s you!).

You will see many weird things

Geek Week is particularly exciting this year because the Techjaja team will be joined by a few of our best independent tech writers, like our girls off sides ladies and that means lots of new ideas. Of course, Techjaja is nothing without its readers, so all of you have responsibilities as well as you will see several interactive posts this year round. We need tons of feedback on these experiments: how they’re working, what you like, what you don’t like, what you’d like to see. Don’t be shy to fill up the comments section as we’ll need your help explaining to people what the hell is going on during this week of insanity.

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Check out last year’s Geek Week posts, and tell us what you’d like to see in the comments below.