Weekly Tech Poll: Cruising with a Toyota or a Volkswagen

Toyota Vs WV


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The Android wear smartwatch poll last week was tight, with the upcoming Moto 360 emerging as victor with over 64% love meaning that people would prefer rounded shaped smartwatch that a basic square watch. The LG G-watch got the remaining 36%. See results below.

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moto360 Vs lg gwatch_Results

Our last week’s coverage of Uganda’s Hybrid Electric car got our readers sparking with ideas, thank to an email from Tony Kiseeka, this week its going to be all about cars. We also recommend you watch that video we threw in of Uganda’s own Kiira EV SMACK. This a broad poll we know these car makers have several cars the make. With Totoya being one of the most common car brands at least here in Africa, Tony wants to know how it compares to the German-made¬† Volkswagen. So ladies and gents let’s get clicking and may the best brand win. VOTE above.

And don’t forget, you can send your poll questions HERE,¬† for future polls. Readers will be able to find the polls in our sidebar on any article on the website. All the best and great week ahead.