Weekly Tech Poll: Battle of the Android wear

Moto 360 Vs LG Gwatch


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And the best gaming platform according to our readers was a clear win, for the Song Play Station 4 (PS4), which narrowly won at 57% compared to the XBOX 360’s 43%. See results below.

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XBOX Vs PS4_Results

Last week at Google I/O (read full coverage HERE), the company officially announced Android Wear, a new platform that will not only be limited to smartwatches but other wearable devices as well. The round Moto 360 from Motorola, and two rectangular shaped LG G-Watch and the Samsung Gear Live. So let’s get predicting, we know most of you have not gotten your hands on these smartwatches, but you know which one you would pay for with your hard-earned dimes. So tell us which Android Wear device between the LG G-Watch and the Moto 360 would you buy?  VOTE above.

And don’t forget, you can send your poll questions HERE,  for future polls. Readers will be able to find the polls in our sidebar on any article on the website. All the best and great week ahead.