Weekly Poll: NTV Mobi Vs NBS TV Apps


Battle of Uganda’s TV Apps

Two of Uganda’s TV stations NTV Uganda and NBS TV are the only ones to unveil mobile TV Apps this year which are readily available on the Google Play store. In May this year, I reviewed the NBS TV app, another first on the Ugandan app users especially those in the diaspora and in my concussion in this review I said:

NBS TV has sunk it’s feet in deep ends where most Uganda TV stations have always feared to go and for that I applaud it.
Making that bold move to create an app on which you will no be earning a dime is a big move. The only bill you have to worry about is your internet charges.

And I must say nothing as changed for both apps, there is a huge reliance on data charges. Few months after the NBS App launched, NTV also outed its Mobile TV app dubbed NTV Mobi.

So give both them a try and tell us. You can download the two apps from here: NTV Mobi and NBS TV. Which of these two Ugandan made TV Streaming apps do you prefer? Vote above.