Week 25 Poll: Samsung Galaxy s5 Vs LG G3 (Plus week 24 Results)

techpolls galaxy s5 Vs lg g3

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Today, if Ugandans are put to task to choose between MTN and Airtel, majority will go with the latter. With over 88% or the votes that comes in in the favor of the big red and 12% love for MTN (results below).

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airtel uganda better than MTN

There you have it. Moving on, this week its the battle of the smartphones. 2014 has ushered in several smartphones from different vendors but whats seem to catch people’s attention of late, is Samsung’s flagship offering the Galaxy s5 and LG’s latest beast the LG G3. Which is the better 2014 flagship smartphone in your view? Feel free to vote based on your desire. VOTE above.

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