Week 24 Poll: Airtel Vs MTN (Plus week 23 Results)

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Last week saw the Chrome Browser beat the pants off Firefox, the people have spoken, week 23 polls have shown that Google’s Chrome is the Preferred browser compared to its counterpart Firefox and has managed to score its self 70% of the total vote leaving Firefox with the remaining 30%. (results below).

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Firefox Vs Chrome_Results

This week thanks to our reader Tony ,we are going local and its the clash of the Titans of the biggest carriers in Uganda and Africa as well it’s MTN Vs Airtel. Tony wants us to ask on his behalf which mobile network gives you best services (voice or data). Good luck guys and let’s get the voting going on. (Vote above)

Remember, you can send your poll questions HERE,  for future polls. Readers will be able to find the polls in our sidebar on any article on the website.