LG Using Mobile

My primary gadget would be the Smartphone seconded by the laptop and everything else comes last. It is a similar case for most smartphone wielding Ugandans given it is the cheapest way to connect to the internet. In the process, this has rendered some legacy communication devices obsolete or on the verge of becoming endangered gizmos.

The smartphones alarm wakes you up in the morning and its notifications help you catch up with whatever ‘jazz’ you missed while the insomniacs were at it. It could be WhatsApp messages from erratic groups or email follow ups from work the previous day. This wasn’t possible a few years ago at least on a mass market facing device that the smartphone has become. We seen not able to ran away from this thing called messaging headlined by smartphones given 3 in every 5 apps you use daily having a messaging feature somewhere. The stats could be wrong but you get my point. Don’t you?

Not to swivel from the main point. Have you ever wondered that you actually have very many messaging options on your smartphone than you could ever imagine? Why — would be the question but we are living a social life online where every app maker wants us glued inside of their apps and what better way to pull this off than allow conversations take place inside them?

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Do you even chance on using all of them to stay in touch in your colleagues? We are here to debunk that today.

First off you have the default messaging app that comes with the phone. However, it is prone to sending old school SMS and MMS only which brings us to the fancier email app. This also, could be the default emailing app that comes with your phone or a third-party app depending on your preference.

Email can do a lot more than just sending plaintext to a recipient. You can send large files, do attachments, filter your inbox, block and recall sent emails among others if you know how to go about all these features as this is dependent on the email client at your disposal.

Moving on to social,we all know Whatsapp so I won’t go into details, then come Messenger whose annoying limitation is that it is tied to your Facebook friends though lately it can allow use SMS inside it if you give it the permissions. On the social side of things, it is dependent on how many social apps grace your phone as some require you to download them.

On my phone however, this is the list; SnapChat with its DM, Twitter with is DM not forgetting Instagram, Telegram, Skype, Viber among others

Other non traditional messaging apps include accessing some of the aforementioned services inside a browser. You still find yourself having the option to message and it is the most cost effective measure, though it comes at a cost of urgency and some features are limited to the native apps. Other apps include the contacts/dialer that allows you to message most of the listed contacts over different services listed above.