Watch this: Weird LG G-Flex Ad just gave us some goose bumps

As LG struggles to be the next Samsung they are willing to do anything to get recognized. From making devices devices in just about every product category and size, which is Samsung’s game. Now they’re making terrible, creepy commercials, too.

This LG’s new commercial for the G Flex a strange and weird one to watch . Spoiler Alert: Some guy is given a G Flex for his birthday, and instead of it being an actual phone, his had gets a mouth with a goatee and an ear (which are in the wrong spots, because the mouth should be at the top with the ear below). It talks to him, cuts him (self healing back on the G Flex, you know), and is just overall kinda weird. You can find it below, though we don’t blame you for averting your eyes.

This commercial will freak you out than make you love the phone. Total failure

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