Watch this: The Internship trailer


Let working at Google inspire you

internship 2

The Internship, a buddy comedy about two old guys trying to reinvent themselves for the 21st-century economy starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. It’s  is a movie that plays around the edges of these thorny economic issues, at its heart it’s aiming to be a feel-good comedy, not social commentary. That tension leads to a surreal climax — with one character exclaiming “I have a job! I. Have. A. Job!” amidst the cheers of the jobless interns he just defeated.

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The greatest triumph in the world of The Internship is simply being employed — by Google.  The  Internship uses Google and its products including Google Hangouts! Translate! Chrome! Nearly everything gets name-checked here, and the camera lovingly pans over Google’s main Mountain View campus and its ubiquitous, brightly colored bicycles every few minutes. Watch the Trailer for more