Watch this: Samsung cant figure out what their Galaxy Round is in their latest Ad

Its less that 48 hours since LG announced it’s bowl shaped G Flex , Samsung has pushed out a new TV spot in Korea trying to explain to us its “actual round” Galaxy Round phone, but it still leaves us with lost of questions. It is fundamentally a Galaxy Note 3 with a curve along its vertical axis, is you watch the ad, Samsung compares its phone with an assortment of busty items we use in our day to day lives: an egg, a microphone, a lemon, a glass and a baby’s hand. This is clear confusion on Samsung’s part as its the metal flask at the end of the ad that is actually concave like the Galaxy Round itself the rest is bulblike in shape When it comes to the sliced avocado they really lost it as its only Samsung that would be able to explain what they really meant by this.

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