Watch This: ‘Pimp My Ride’ Hits Kampala

Youth in Uganda have searched for all the available avenues to earn income, and this time round a team of youth in Kampala are redesigning cars to suit their clientele’s taste and preferences. They call their group PIMP MY RIDE after the popular MTV show that began in 2004 hosted by rapper Xzibit.

The worrying bit its that the hard labor is done by children who are clearly supposed to be in school but due to tough conditions back home the children end up working in this garage to earn a living. Geoffrey Namanyi the founder of this garage in Makerere says

One of our clients wanted a unique design on his car. We had the brains to something like this but never been trusted by any one to do it. I was inspire to start redesigning cars because there was no one doing it in the country .

The group has so far redesigned four cars one of which an Escalade that belongs to popular local musician Bobi Wine. A complete redesign takes about 3- 5months and charge from UGX 8- 45 million ($3,200 to $18,000) which carters for both materials and labor.

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We always admire Ugandans with imported cars like these, so we decided to come up with these innovation Namaya adds. The group currently only works on car bodies and not interiors but they claim they have started getting calls from foreign companies to collaborate with them to work on the interiors. You can see more in the whole video below.

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