Want to feel like Spiderman? Here is a t-shirt just for you

spiderman tshit

ThinkGeek a company that makes interestingly nerdy simple waerables seems to have an idea for those who would want to feel like super heros but have not been successful at it yet. With the Tingling Electronic Spidey Sense Shirt, you can get your spidery on with no radioactive spider bite followed by a feverish hangover and years of teenage awkwardness to go with.

How it works

This Spiderman-adorned T-shirt comes with an ultrasonic motion sensor that clips onto the back of your
collar and vibrates to warn you of anyone that comes within five feet of you from behind.

If you always wished you had eyes on the back of your head like your fifth-grade teacher, this is might the next best thing. It costs $40 and it’ll be here by October.

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Source: ThinkGeek