Volvo’s amazing solar charging concept set to spread its wings soon

When thinking of fashionable cars, i don’t think Volvo will be the first brand to come to mind. Volvo is, however renowned for,  introducing new technology:

  • It was the first manufacturer to install laminated glass in a production car,
  • Invented the three-point safety belt,
  • And according to The Verge  it is constantly adding new safety features to its range.

After holding a design competition for a pavilion to accompany the launch of its new V60 plug-in hybrid, the company will debut a photovoltaic accessory in September that will unite its history of embracing new technology with some cutting-edge style. You can visualize the design concepts below (All images copyright Volvo / Synthesis Design + Architecture.)     

 volvo solar concept 3 volvo solar concept 2 volvo solar concept 4