These are the Vodafone Uganda unlimited data plans

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We all like “all-you-can-eat internet”, since it has become more of an addiction for many and I can say this is true for the editors at Techjaja. When Orange Uganda revolutionized the way we use internet in 2009 with the first usable 3G network in Uganda, it was hard to envision that data usage with reach these heights from Gigabytes not to Tetrabytes per month as Ugandans crave for more data. Orange began the unlimited data plan, but they were later popularized by Vodafone Uganda’s fast 4G-LTE network. With each passing year, Vodafone Uganda unlimited data plans  have grown from five to eight since they launched their 4G -LTE network.

Vodafone’s data bundles are valid for 1 day, 1 week and a month and the biggest data bundle is 60 GB at UGX 349,900 per month starting from 35GB at UGX 149,900 per month. Their prices seemed to be in line with the competition at launch which showed that their strategy is clearly not about price wars but hopefully ridding on their brand name to do the talking. They recently introduced the unlimited night bundles to spice up  their product offering and also encourage traffic during off-peak hours. The most interesting bundle is the unlimited bundle at 6Mbps which is cheaper than the 2Mbps, wonder why one would go in for the 2 Mbps bundle at a higher price.

Very slow capped speeds

The biggest issue with these unlimited bundles especially for power users is the speed at which you are throttled once you exceed the Friendly User Policy (FUP)  limit, one wonders if we are truly getting unlimited internet if a carrier can cap speeds down to 128 kbps which is as good as having no internet. Recently, Vodafone enforced this policy that saw their FUP cap speeds dropping from 512 kbps to 128 kbps, this has left many customers very frustrated with the slow speeds and considering other options.

The Vodafone Uganda unlimited data plans

ProductDownload Speed*ValidityFUP CapPrice (UGX)
Unlimited 2mbps/12mbps24 hours1.5GB17,900
Unlimited 2mbps/72mbps7 days8GB69,900
Unlimited 2mbps/302mbps30 days35GB14,9900
Unlimited 6mbps/306mbps30 days50GB199,900
Unlimited 10mbps/3010mbps30 days60GB349,900
Unlimited Nite2mbps30 days50GB79,900
Day and Nite2mbps30 days35GB199,900
Day and Nite2mbps30 days50GB259,900
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