Vodafone Uganda expanding its 4G-LTE coverage

Vodafone Uganda coverage
Current Vodafone Uganda coverage

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Vodafone Uganda’s 4G-LTE network is fast and reliable, but one of its major set backs has been the coverage “black spots” here and there within Kampala. The company is growing slowly but surely, and is currently under going a massive network densification based on many factors including, the increasing demand for data and assured return of investments among others. According to our reliable sources,  Vodafone Uganda is currently adding up to 30 LTE base stations (eNodeBs) to boast its existing 50 sites that form the current coverage footprint and also gain more subscribers in the process.

Operating on a high 2,600 MHz spectrum means that carriers like MTN and Vodafone will need more base stations to cover any particular area, unlike Africell and Smile that are Operating within 800 MHz band that favors longer coverage range and deep signal penetration into buildings. See 4G LTE comparisons for more details.

Vodafone Uganda’s unlimited data offering is widely adopted by the populous, since they are the only carrier offering close to real unlimited mobile internet in Uganda.  Whether the extra coverage will be easily visible to the existing LTE sites is another story all together. The company is also reportedly cutting back its reliance on UTL in favor or Smart Telecom for its MVNO services as Vodafone customers have been nationally roaming on UTL for 3G and 2G voice and data services, where there is no LTE coverage.