Vodafone introduces new high volume data plans, to replace the ‘unlimited’ bundles

Vodafone Uganda CIR 20 Router box

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Vodafone Uganda came with a bang when it launched its services to the Ugandan populous, selling affordable ‘unlimited’ Internet packages. Most if not all went bonkers about how cheap their data plans sold for. Revisions have since marred these data plans, first with changing their fair usage policy and capping speeds to 256 kbps till they dropped the bombshell and did away with their ‘unlimited’ internet data plan all together.

While this unfolded, they promised to introduce business plans (which they did) for avid/heavy Internet users and the more broad consumer packages were scrapped in favor of new ones.

As of this writing, they’ve since introduced new data plans dubbed high data volume bundles. They somewhat seem expensive for the volume in stark contrast with the plans they’ve replaced. The confirmation came through via email to its subscribers and has also updated its website to reflect these changes

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Here  are the revised new plans

Data Volume Price (UGX) Validity Period
20GB 220,000 30 Days
40GB 330,000 30 Days
80Gb 450,000 30 Days


Vodafone adds that, “It is important to note that with the uncapped speeds, you will need to manage your data usage by turning off any background Apps that increase your data consumption”, however what they don’t disclose are the actual download speeds for the different packages users are expect.