Vodafone introduces new data Add-on bundles

billboard vodafone

Vodafone has adjusted the pricing of its data plans and introduced new discounted plans dubbed Data Add-On bundles, as a way of complementing its existing data offerings that caused quite a stir, after they made price increments without a corresponding adjustment in data volumes.

The new data Add-On bundles will cost you less than your existing data plan but their validity runs parallel to your existing data plan. If it expires, they expire too. They can however be bought as many times as you wish only that you’re limited to purchasing a volume commensurate of your existing one. This means if you have a running 20GB data plan, you can only purchase a 20GB data Add-On bundle.They however cannot be carried over if your standard data validity period expires.

Vodafone made this announcement over mail to its customers explaining the new changes.The new data Add-On bundles apply to daily, weekly and monthly data plans, the only  exception being nightly and weekend bundles.

Data PlanStandard Price (UGX)Add-On Price (UGX)
Daily 100MB2,0001,700
Daily 400MB7,0006,000
Weekly 200MB6,0005,000
Weekly 1GB20,00017,000
Monthly 500MB20,00017,000
Monthly 1GB35,00029,000
Monthly 2GB50,00042,000
Monthly 5GB90,00075,000
Monthly 10GB125,000105,000
Monthly 20GB220,000190,000
Monthly 40GB330,000300,000
Monthly 80GB450,000420,000
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These new changes are effective today Tuesday 1st November but Vodafone hasn’t specified when this will come to an end.